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📚 13 Books for ONLY 99 Cents [Sale Ends Soon!]

Published about 1 year ago • 2 min read

Hey Reader,

It’s time for the monthly 99 cent sale! This sale is a great chance to try some new authors and get a good deal on some smutty books! I’ve been busy writing the next few books in the Zangrel bodyguards series, including a reader magnet, so keep an eye out for a freebie coming your way in the next few weeks to introduce you to the newest series. The next series will feature my four-armed himbos, the Zangrels, as well as several Araced, and a new species with mysterious psychic powers… ohhh!

It feels like everything is always a little behind this month, because my kids seem to be bringing home every cold and flu possible. 🤧 but I’m determined to get these stories done for you, loyal readers!

Happy Reading,


Kristin and Kaylee

This is the pen name for smutty romance authors Kristin Lance (MMF) and Kaylee Pike (scifi romance novellas). I hope you find some books to enjoy!

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