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published12 days ago
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All right guys, I’m gonna start with my big news, because I’m a little excitable. Okay, I’m super excitable. 👀 Anywho, I was talking to my friend Kyra Keys about how much people are loving Human Sexuality, and she was like… Join my collab! It starts in August! And of course, it was no problem at all for me to wait until August to start something.

Yeahhh, you’re right, that was a lie. So coming in just a few weeks, my first book under this spicy new pen name that’ll feature Alien smut of the most sinful variety (current hero is a tattooed bisexual hacker with a body mod that makes things vibrate, for her pleasure!)

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Kristin (And Kaylee - am I supposed to pretend we’re two different people? IDK)

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