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🥰 Free Book - Sex on the Beach, A New Release, and More Coming Soon!

published21 days ago
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I’m celebrating my first ever multi-author collab release today! Months ago, I pitched a MMF collab to a bunch of author friends, and I was surprised by how excited everyone was by it! Now, we have 21 books releasing in May, starting with yesterday’s book by Ember Davis. my book Unexpected Paradise has released on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited!

The full series will be Kindle Unlimited, so get ready to binge some super sexy smut! And scroll down for Sex on the Beach, a free smutty short story featuring a side character from the series. Plus free books from LM Mountford, Olivia Lawless and more!

Temptation in Paradise

May the Smut Be With You - Free Erotica

Mouthwatering Free Erotia


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