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🔥 Free Sneak Peak - Unexpected Paradise Release May 3

published24 days ago
1 min read

Hi All, I just wanted to drop you a quick sneak peak to this story - don’t worry, I found the dirtiest scene. No, that was a lie, there are too many steamy scenes to pick just one. This is a book about a woman who runs into the guy she used to hate fuck in college while on a luxurious island vacation.

So things go well. I guess? You’ll have to read it to see.

Unexpected Paradise

In other news, I’m trying the wait to unlock thing on Radish - so there’s another story underway that you can read for free! This one doesn’t have any hate f*cking.

No wait, it does. But that scene isn’t finished yet. So far, just the normal kind of degenerates. Three guys with questional occupations, one woman who used to bully them. They’re next door neighbors for the summer, so what could go wrong?

Anyway, check it out below:



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