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Hey Reader,

Summer is finally over, and the kids are back in school. Are you thrilled? I’m thrilled.

The only problem in our household is that my husband is still off work, and he keeps trying to chat with me while I’m typing… like I’m writing spicy smut here, I can’t talk about how mountain bike technology has really changed. He has a job interview next week, though, so fingers crossed. Or I’ll just have to lock him in the garage or something. That’s legal, right? I mean, he’ll have his motorcycles for company. 🤔

I’ve been working on several stories, and posting episodes to Medium and finally getting caught up with stuff for my Ream. There will be tons of new episodes over the next few weeks, and I’ll be editing those into ebook releases as well, so keep an eye out!

Anyway, scroll down for some free books, and for the latest stories I’ve been working on!

Happy Reading,


Free Story:


Josie and Dexter are on a sexy adventure with Dexter’s boss during a company retreat… in this episode, Dexter finally admits something he’s wanted for a while…

Free Book:

His For the Summer

My M/M pen name finally has some completed books, and this one is free! Cute and sexy summer camp fun. M/M has been a bit of a focus for me lately, because I was a bit burnt out on coming up with MMF scenarios. And so far readers are loving it!

This one is part of a free promo next week, and I had to set it free early to participate, so take advantage and snag one for yourself!

Free Book for the Alien Smut Lovers:

Lancelot’s Love

My friend Kyra has her alien smut set to free this week, snag it before it goes back to full price!

Kristin and Kaylee

This is the pen name for smutty romance authors Kristin Lance (MMF) and Kaylee Pike (scifi romance novellas). I hope you find some books to enjoy!

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