👽 Human Sexuality is coming to eBook! Plus, some free smutty stories. 🥰

published2 months ago
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Hey Reader,

I’m super excited! This has been a long time coming (and maybe a bit slower than I expected) but all four seasons of Human Sexuality are being edited and fixed and released as ebook. They will release about two weeks apart through April and May, so you won’t have to wait too long on any cliffhangers! Hope you enjoy.

It’s spring break in Oregon, so I’m busy entertaining the kiddos, so I’ll keep the rest of this email short and sweet, because I need all of my energy to get the kids to the aquarium tomorrow. Scroll down for a few free stories under my Kristin pen name! Happy spring, everyone!


Kristin and Kaylee

This is the pen name for smutty romance authors Kristin Lance (MMF) and Kaylee Pike (scifi romance novellas). I hope you find some books to enjoy!

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