👽 Human Sexuality Part 3 is Here! (And Part 1 is free!)

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Hey Reader,

So I have to admit something to you guys — I froze up.

And the worst of it is, I’m not even sure I understand why I froze up. I haven’t uploaded anything on Amazon in a few months, including the third and fourth books in my Human Sexuality series, which I definitely promised to my readers that I would do! But something about editing them into ebook freaked me out. I guess it’s one of those things where you panic over nothing? Someone told me it may be part of my ADHD… but I was sure I wouldn’t have anything like that. Right?

And it’s easy to talk yourself out of doing something.

So, anyway, I wanted to apologize for breaking my promise to get this out sooner, and to let you know that I have book 4 edited, and that it will be releasing next week, as soon as I get the cover ready. I’ll be ripping the proverbial band-aid off, and releasing the whole series. And I hope you enjoy it, but I’m okay if you don’t. It’s not my usual thing under either of my two pen names.

But if you haven’t tried the series yet, I’m offering the first book for free — hopefully you’ll read it and enjoy it and want more… and you won’t have to worry about cliffhangers, because more is available immediately on Kindle Unlimited!

So, anyway, um, that’s what’s been going on with me… how’ve you been?

Pretend I said something less awkward there,


Free Book:

Human Sexuality Book 1

Working for the Aunga’ri aliens is an opportunity of a lifetime, and it'll save my brother's life. The Aunga'ri claim they're on earth to protect the human race, but we all know differently. They've taken over our leadership, our military, and more. And now their advanced medical science is available to a select few — those who work alongside the intimidating alien warriors.

If I work for them, I’ll have to train them in the one thing that they do not understand: Human Sexuality.

I’m assigned to an stunningly beautiful and infuriatingly uptight alien prince who doesn’t want to explore his sexuality any more than I want to teach him, but with the help of a human soldier who seems to be the alien’s unlikely best friend, I may just find more than I ever expected.

Like, for example, a threesome.

New Release:

Human Sexuality Part 3

My wedding was supposed to be idyllic — a chance to finally complete my sacred mate bond with T’ukka, my alien mate, and Axel, our human lover. But then he came, and destroyed everything I thought I knew.
And at first, I thought the Vul soldier who interrupted our wedding had ruined everything — he severed the psychic bond I’d built with my alien lover, T’ukka, and the pain that came with that lost was unbearable. But then I met him, and something shifted inside me.
Now, my feelings are changing, and I want to hold him close, to bring him between us and teach him what our love means. But I’m not sure I can trust it. Is this simply a trick of his biology, or does Cix have something to offer our triad?

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