😳 Okay, I screwed up - But the full series is now live!

Hey Reader,

So I spent this week trying to argue with Amazon about my Human sexuality series, because I maybe accidentally named Part 4 “Human Sexuality Part 3.” They (or their chatbots, more likely) think it’s confusing to customers to rename the book and correct my typo… so, you know, just ignore that. While enjoying the book hopefully.

Anywho, the entire series is now live on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited. So have fun with it! I’m considering doing a paper book of all four parts together. Maaaybe? But only if there’s interest! Scroll down for some recommendations and free fun!

Available on Kindle Unlimited:

Human Sexuality, the Full Series

Here are all four books in the series. From Mia’s first encounter with the Aunga’ri, to her brother Logan finding his mates. No cliffhangers!

New on Kindle Vella:

Filthy Words

There's a dirty talking, sexy as sin, bad boy living in my father's pool house. But that's okay, because Sawyer is not at all my type. And he's more off-limits than religion at a dinner party. And I should know - my father's one of the wealthiest men in town, so I've been to lots of dinner parties. But then Sawyer catches me doing something naughty, and I can't stop thinking about the dark look in his eyes, and the filthy things he says when no one else is listening.

New Release:

His For the Summer

From my Ezra Dao pen name, a sweet and super spicy story of bisexual awakening between two summer camp counselors who just so happen to share a tent.

Kindle Unlimited Recommendation:

Saved by Her Mountain Daddies

Um, yeah, I’m gonna need to get myself some mountain daddies right about now.

Free Story:

Starting a little thing about a cowboy…

Lacey requested a book about a couple and a cowboy, so I’m working on it… let me know if you want more cowboy spice. Right now, it’s just on Medium, but I’ll finish it if people are loving it!

Kristin and Kaylee

This is the pen name for smutty romance authors Kristin Lance (MMF) and Kaylee Pike (scifi romance novellas). I hope you find some books to enjoy!

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Hey Reader, In the spirit of summer, and the lewd way Mr. Kristin eats popsicles, I’ve got a new book coming out about a woman, her best friend, and her husband eating a popsicle in ways that reminds them both of… other things. Obviously this turns raunchy, because why wouldn’t it? Especially after their mischievous cat brings the sex toys out. I’ve also got a freebie for you, on all platforms but Amazon, which hasn’t caught up yet (sorry!). Happy reading! Kristin Coming Next Week: Why Not...

Hey Reader, This month, my new release is on my Kaylee Pike pen name, and I had so much fun writing it… especially Harold, the meddling grandpa, who will be in the next book of this series, meddling with a different alien, too. Because I said so. Anyway, this was part of a Fourth of July themed collab, though my book is only very loosely about the holiday, and you should check out all of the books in the collab, including a lot of sword-crossing multi-peen hijinks. Happy Reading,...

Hey Reader, I’m just loving the books in this week’s freebie promo. There’s something for everyone, including lots of books with what I’d consider my favorite dick ratio (two or more 🍆: one 🍑) so before we discuss anything else, go check out the full list here: February Free Books! Stuff Your Kindle With 30+ Erotica & Erotic Romance eBooks Download your free books now! My Free Books in the Promo: Marrying His Best Friend Mina is frustrated when Henry, her boyfriend of a few months refuses to...