👽 You get what you get and… he’s a psychic alien with very good sex skills.

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Hey Reader,

I was a bit blocked on my alien stories for a while, so a big thanks for those of you who’ve been patient with me, and also those of you who’ve stuck around because you didn’t realize you were still subscribed to my newsletter. But big news is coming — remember Mags? She was the sarcastic 11-year-old human girl that Dalko saved in Halloween Mischief.

Well, she’s back, and she’s 28, and she’s still sarcastic and impulsive. And she’s determined to find a fated mate of her own — one who is just like Dalko — a big and green cinnamon roll of an alien who has four arms. Because four arms equals four hands, and four hands equals a hell of a lot of fun groping, right?

The only problem? It seems she’s about to form a mate bond with a weird, cranky, slightly deranged Chokreini psychic. He only has two arms, and he’s not that big, and is definitely not a cinnamon roll. But alas, Mags’s desire to do the right thing overrides her desire to find the perfect alien dick to ride.

Well, mostly.

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The Rescue

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Halloween Mischief

In case you want to catch up on Mags’s origin story, and her obsession with four-armed green aliens.

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