Featured Story: A Kink In the Deal

By Kristin Lance, Lacey Cross, and Alec Lake


Updated Wednesdays and Sundays.

When Tristan and Faith headed to a Tahoe ski area for a real estate deal, they never expected that the resort owner would reject their proposal. Or that he’d have a new proposal that they wouldn’t be able to resist.

Latest update: The gondola is a risky place to have fun, but Jeremy is willing to take that risk to be with Tristan and Faith.

Featured Story: Human Sexuality

It's an opportunity of a lifetime, and it'll save my brother's life. But I have to give myself to an alien, something I never thought I would do. The Aunga'ri claim they're on earth to protect the human race, but we all know differently. They've taken over our leadership, our military, and more. And now their advanced medical science can save my brother's life. If I work for them. If I train them in the one thing that they do not understand: Human Sexuality.

*The Upside Down is fan fiction and is in no way associated with Netflix, Stranger Things, or any of the actors or producers associated with the series..

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